Twenty-First Century Management Final Draft

Twenty-First Century Management Final Draft.

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Help Provide Food, Clothes and Shelter to our Homeless

“Advocacy is a basic right of every individual and organization in the United States and may be practiced wthout limit-it is an exercise of free speech protected by the U. S. constitution” (Worth, pg. 362) . “Advocacy includes action taken in support of a cause or an idea, and can provide education, distributing of information or holding events to dramatize an issue or the effects of a problem on people or a community’ (Worth, pg. 362). The Nashville Rescue Mission is a religious based nonprofit organization that provides food, clothing and shelter to the homeless as well as many other resources. I chose them for my advocacy assignment due to all they do for the homeless in our community. They make the lives of many a little easier. I care very much about the well being of others. I does my heart good to know that I can also make a differnce in the lives of many, just by volunteering my time, donating much needed items from the wish list such as tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, diapers, wipes, shaving cream, tissue, over the counter medicines: asprin, tylenol, benadryl, etc., clothes for men , women and children. This list is quite extensive, but if we the community contribute to the cause we can change/save the lives of many. This would also help my proposal for change at the NRM. Helping to feed the hungry, provide shelter and clothing for the homeless is an issue of importance to me, because I hate to see anyone go without. They too are of the human race, maybe just  a little down on their luck. They are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, brothers ,husbands, sons, cousins and could someday be one of us. So I say to all who reads my blog, please! let’s give a helping hand to fight hunger and help provide shelter and clothing to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. “The Nashville Rescue Mission provides life’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter for those right off the streets” ( Their goal is about restoring hope and transforming lives (NRM). Now that you’ve read and hopefully understand  why I chose the NRM please find it your hearts to help provide a meal or even shelter for a night. Something it better than nothing. If you’d like to volunteer please contact the NRM at (615) 312-1544 or for donations (615) 780-9488. Thanks

Worth, Michael j. (2012). Nonprofit Management. Principles & Practice. Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, Ca. Sage Publications



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Help Provide Food, Clothing And Shelter To Our Homeless

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Volunteer Blog Assignment

Hello , My name is Jephanie Price and I’m doing a volunteer blog assignment for my nonprofit organization class. We had to find three volunteer activities that’s coming up in or around our area. Here’s the website I used to find my information . This website was  very informative as to the many opportunities to volunteer. “volunteers are a major component of the workforce of many nonprofits”(Worth,pg.226). I truly enjoyed this assignment and will try to make time to volunteer in the areas that I’d enjoy. The three volunteer activities that I chose are as follows: Youth Villages, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Ronald Mcdonald House.

My first choice is Youth Villages and their mission is “Help children and families live successfully” (

The activity is called Dogwood Village Birthday Heroes and here the volunteers will help provide a monthly celebration to recognize the children’s birthday’s. I believe that everyone should be recognized on their birthdays,especially children. The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 21, 2012 location is Arlington, Tn 38002 Address and Direction will be emailed after signup. There is an orientation prior to volunteering and you must be 18 years of age. Contact person is Corrie Scoby. I’d love to volunteer here. I’m super big on birthday celebrations and as I stated above everyone should have a celebrated bithday. To make sure that these events are more informative and appealing I’d  make radio announcements recognizing the individuals birthdays we’re celebrating for the month. Prior to selecting Youth Villages I was familiar with them . My sister worked there for many years.

My second choice is St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital and their mission is “To advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastropic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay”(

The activity is called Read To Me At St. Jude and will be held Thursday April 26, 2012 from 12:00pm- 1:00pm. The address and directions will be emailed after signup. Contact person is McGehee Marsh. The volunteers will be reading and entertaining kids waiting for their appointments at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. I adore children and knowing that I could possibly put a smile on one’s face just moves me. I’m familiar with the hospital due to making donations through the years. There is no orientation, but job descriptions for volunteers need to include expectations (Worth, pg. 229). Requirements are as follows : must be 18 years of age, do not bring children, do not come if you are under the weather due to the spread of the common cold and flu, wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing (i.e. no t-shirts advertising alcohol, etc.) and no strong fragrances.

To make this volunteer activity more informative and appealing I’d allow volunteers to bring in their own books and other activities to entertain the children.

My third and last choice is Ronald McDonald House and their mission is “To create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children” (

The volunteer activity is called Ronald McDonald Craft Night and will be held Tuesday May 1, 2012 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Address and Directions will be emailed after signup. The vounteers will be doing arts and crafts with patients and families. No orientation is required. Contact person is Lauren King. Requirements are as followed: do not bring small children, do not come if you are under the weather due to the spread of the common cold and flu, wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing (i.e. no t-shirts advertising alcohol, etc.), must be 18 years of age and no strong fragrances. I’m familiar with them through my donations over the years and would love to volunteer .I’m  family oriented and love  children. I’d really enjoy volunteering here. This also gives both the volunteers ,patients and families the opportunity to meet new people. I’d make this volunteer activity more informative and appealing by allowing volunteers to bring in their own  arts and crafts. This way it gives the patients and families a variety of arts and crafts to choose.

I ‘ve learned so much about volunteering and how to find the opportunity to do so. I must admit that prior to this assignment i was feeling a bit down,but while doing it I immediately started to feel better and it was due to the volunteer activities that I chose. I chose the three because I love children and I’m family oriented. Knowing that I can make a differnce in the lives of others just by volunteering feels great and I will make time to do so, especially after seeing what a difference it makes. I hope that you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it and maybe even volunteer. Thanks

Worth, Michael J. (2012). Nonprofit Management: Principles & Practice. Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, Ca. Sage Publications.



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Introduction/word press setup

My name is Jephanie Price and I’m mother to FIVE! amazing kids, I’m working on a bachelors in Health Administration and I must admit that being a mother and full time student is definately  a CHALLENGE.  In my Non Profit class we’ve been studying Non Profit Organizations, Management and Boards. This has been very interesting. I had mixed feelings about Non Profit Organizations prior to taking this class, but now that I have a better understanding I have much respect and admiration.

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Hello world!

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