Help Provide Food, Clothes and Shelter to our Homeless

“Advocacy is a basic right of every individual and organization in the United States and may be practiced wthout limit-it is an exercise of free speech protected by the U. S. constitution” (Worth, pg. 362) . “Advocacy includes action taken in support of a cause or an idea, and can provide education, distributing of information or holding events to dramatize an issue or the effects of a problem on people or a community’ (Worth, pg. 362). The Nashville Rescue Mission is a religious based nonprofit organization that provides food, clothing and shelter to the homeless as well as many other resources. I chose them for my advocacy assignment due to all they do for the homeless in our community. They make the lives of many a little easier. I care very much about the well being of others. I does my heart good to know that I can also make a differnce in the lives of many, just by volunteering my time, donating much needed items from the wish list such as tooth brush and tooth paste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, diapers, wipes, shaving cream, tissue, over the counter medicines: asprin, tylenol, benadryl, etc., clothes for men , women and children. This list is quite extensive, but if we the community contribute to the cause we can change/save the lives of many. This would also help my proposal for change at the NRM. Helping to feed the hungry, provide shelter and clothing for the homeless is an issue of importance to me, because I hate to see anyone go without. They too are of the human race, maybe just  a little down on their luck. They are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, brothers ,husbands, sons, cousins and could someday be one of us. So I say to all who reads my blog, please! let’s give a helping hand to fight hunger and help provide shelter and clothing to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. “The Nashville Rescue Mission provides life’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter for those right off the streets” ( Their goal is about restoring hope and transforming lives (NRM). Now that you’ve read and hopefully understand  why I chose the NRM please find it your hearts to help provide a meal or even shelter for a night. Something it better than nothing. If you’d like to volunteer please contact the NRM at (615) 312-1544 or for donations (615) 780-9488. Thanks

Worth, Michael j. (2012). Nonprofit Management. Principles & Practice. Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, Ca. Sage Publications




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